“We would love for MaestroMeetings to help us again, as we were very impressed with your performance in LAJSA 2015”
Adriana Brodsky PhD
St. Mary's College of Maryland
“Congratulations on a wonderful conference. The messaging and communication were spectacular, and the tech flawless -- an amazing feat given the number of people and panels involved. LASA 2022 was undoubtedly the best-executed virtual conference I have attended. Congratulations -- and thank you”
Diana Kapiszewski
Georgetown University
“We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Maestro Meetings! They helped us turn a completely in person event into a virtual event in a short timeframe and were very flexible in accommodating our students' adjustments. We enjoyed the first experience so much that we chose to work with them for the same event the following year and they helped us host a great hybrid event.”
Jessica Huber
Carlow University
“The platform was great and easy to use, and the conference was a success. We see a lot of potential in using it in future meetings, even in face to face ones.”
Jurgen Buchenau
“MaestroMeetings was fantastic to work with, even with a change to 100% virtual due to the pandemic mid-way into the planning process. They are professional, pleasant to work with, efficient, and they offered valuable insights. The Conference Hub that they created for us worked very well — it was simple enough to be user friendly, yet included all the things we needed. Our 3500 participants were overwhelmingly positive about their experience. We hope to work with MaestroMeetings in 2022 also. ”
Karen Monkman
Elect president 2021 - CIES
“I would like to congratulate all of you who made this completely virtual congress possible! It truly was a marvel from start to finish. I was able to attend a reception, 11 panels (including mine), a book presentation, and watch three full movies. (And the grand dance, of course :-)) Having attended 19 LASA conferences since 1992, I can tell you from experience that this conference was extremely valuable in terms of the quality of the program.”
LASA2020 Congress Attendee
“To all of you, my sincerest gratitude and admiration. I want to highlight the effort and optimism with which you embraced the change to a virtual congress in such a short time. My experience participating was fantastic, and even in the midst of the crisis, we were able to take some time to do what we love most and interact with you and other colleagues. It was days of great learning and professional development. The activities were at the level that characterizes LASA, and the transmission was excellent. Wishing you much success in your future plans.”
LASA2020 Congress attendee
“I want to express to LASA2020, the organization, and its president that it was a pleasure to be part of this experience and learning process. Resolving to hold a virtual conference in such a short time has been gratifying and has provided us with many lessons for future congresses. We hope that beyond the distance or confinement situation, we can continue to embrace virtual conferences, so that what we discuss privately as academics can be shared with a wider audience. It is important that those who do not have access to this space of generative production have the opportunity to learn, access this knowledge, and share in the privilege of being able to participate, connect, and learn, just as those of us who have the material and life conditions to do so. I would like to reiterate my gratitude and send warm regards.”
LASA2020 Congress Attendee
“From beginning to end, we are happy to count with the support of MaestroMeetings”
Liz Rivas
IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Antropología
“Valuable and decisive support contributing for the success of the conference”
Pilar Manzi
Red de Economía Política de América Latina (REPAL)
“We used Maestro Meeting platform for our virtual annual conference. The meeting hub created by the team allowed for a vibrant and seamless meeting. The Maestro team worked closely with us during the development stages and customized the site to exactly our needs. They were with us from inception through the entire the meeting. Our attendees were impressed and found the site user friendly and intuitive. We plan to feature a virtual component in our future meetings.”
Sandra Bradley
American Council of Learned Societies - ACLS
“Coming out of the pandemic and planning an onsite conference with virtual components was nerve-wracking. Working with the team at Maestro Meetings was a phenomenal experience. They are professional, organized and incredibly knowledgeable. They work to keep costs under control and have a deep understanding of what it takes to create a fantastic conference!”
Supriya Baily
Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)