Solutions offered

Proposal Reception and Evaluation Process

Activity program development begins when your organization issues the call for proposals and concludes when the sessions are scheduled and acceptance and rejection letters are sent.

The proposal evaluation process is managed within the same system, based on criteria determined by the organization.

Our system is adaptable to all types of proposals.

Custom Platform Design (Hub)

Our designers are experts at creating aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly platforms that allow virtual attendees to easily access all the activities of your event.

An example is the LASA2024 Hybrid Congress Hub:

Registration System Management

We have streamlined the registration process by making it available online, ensuring efficiency and convenience. Participants can register from the comfort of their homes, offices, etc.

This includes online pre-registration payment options such as credit card, bank transfer, etc.

If the event includes an in-person component, we can also provide on-site registration systems if needed.

Virtual Session Programming and Execution

All sessions will be scheduled on Zoom using the two available modalities (Webinars or Meetings) based on the specific needs and characteristics of each type of session.

Each session will have a host who will monitor the smooth real-time transmission and address any needs that may arise.

The host will have continuous support from a team of technicians to ensure seamless session delivery.

Webinar: LASA Virtual Congress
LASA 2022 Opening Ceremony:

LASA2022 Virtual Congress Meeting:

App Design and Development

With a customized application, you can keep all the event information up to date and provide it to attendees on their mobile devices.

LASA2023 Virtual Congress App:


We have experience in organizing book, photography, and other product exhibitions to enhance your conference. All types of exhibitions are possible, including virtual ones.

As shown in the LASA 2023 Exhibition:

Film Festival

If you have a Film Festival, we can organize it for you. We have a film specialist who can handle all aspects of your event.

If you also wish to complement in-person presentations with virtual screenings, this is a great medium to showcase films on-demand or at specific times.

As an example, the LASA 2023 Film Festival:

Ceremony Organization

Whether it's a Welcome Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Awards Ceremony, or any other ceremony planned for your event, whether pre-recorded or live, we can efficiently handle them all.

Welcome Ceremony of the LASA 2022 Virtual Congress:

Host Hiring and Training

All virtual or hybrid sessions will be monitored by one of our hosts, who can be bilingual or multilingual, depending on your specific needs.

We have a staff of hosts located around the world who speak different languages and have been extensively tested in these events and have  technical and crisis management skills. This allows us to accommodate your event's needs and time zones.

If your organization has specific preferences for hosts, we can provide training accordingly.

Translation Service

If simultaneous translation services are required, we have qualified personnel, and our platform allows us to provide this service.

Live Information Service

We have designated individuals available to answer questions and concerns from virtual attendees at all times, reachable via Zoom, providing an open dialogue.